• Tapas Fine Dining

    Tapas Fine Dining

    Events are Two to Fifteen Guests, International Flavor Profiles including Latin, Italian and Asian
  • A Full Service Experience with your personal chef leading the way...

    A Full Service Experience with your personal chef leading the way...

    As your Personal Chef, I will present you and your guests with a variety of Tapas dishes from my Tapas Menu , paired with Exquisite Wines/ Craft Beers for each Tapas Course that makes these dishes dance on your palate. You and your guests will be pampered as I explain the dishes and profiles of the pairings as they come out to make your event one that they will never forget. Chef will start with an exclusive Amuse-Bouche to serve to you and your guests. Dishware all provided.
  • Tapas Fine Dining
  • A Full Service Experience with your personal chef leading the way...

Tapas Menu 2017 - 2018

       You and your guests will be in the "la production de cocina". As we start,  I explain the dishes and flavor profiles in your menu "script" as they come out to make your event one that they will never forget, including newest trends like molecular gastronomy and sous vide. Chef will start with an exclusive seasonal Amuse-Bouche to serve to you and your guests. Dishware and menu all provided.  Wine and/or Craftbeer Pairings are available upon request. Listed are the most popular menu items, but I also write custom menus to suit your needs.


Gorgonzola Pear,  pears sauteed in  grassfed butter and local honey with creamy gorgonzola and a touch of fine white pepper and honeycomb

Creamy Brie Plate, fresh crisp apple, slice of creamy imported brie with honeycomb and imported greek evoo and basalmic reduction

Grassfed Beef Tartar, capers, pecorino, chives and duck yolk with toast points

Seared Duck Breast with blackberry port reduction over roasted garlic celeraic puree

Charcuterie Plate, chefs choice of imported meats and cheeses with condiments

Homemade Pasta with Cold Water Lobster A2 Cream Sauce  

Homemade Gnocci with Tomato A2 Cream Sauce and Panchetta

Pasta Trio, Trio of pasta with Ramp Pesto, A2 Cream Reduction with Panchetta and Fire Roasted Tomato with fresh basil.

Squid Ink Pasta Camaron, squid ink pasta tossed with a white wine A2 cream roma tomato sauce with succulent shrimp

Red Pepper Lasagna, layers of delicate homemade green pepper noodles, snowville creamery bechemel, pecorino and roasted red pepper and plum tomato sauce

Asian Sea Bass, in a sake soy broth with leeks and sticky rice, topped with fresh sea urchin

Poached Sea Bass in a Saffron Grassfed Butter Broth with white basalmic capers and herbs

Ceviche, Lobster, Shrimp or Wild Cod marinated with fresh lime, cilantro , garlic and spices 

Seared Sea Scallops over homemade pasta with roasted garlic yellow tomato saffron sauce

Grand Marnier Magret Duck Plate, seared med rare with pipettes of grand marnier  sauce and sage

Duck Bacon wrapped Filet, choice of grassfed beef or bison, celeraic or yukon mash , wilted greens, red raspberry port reduction

Cod Fritters...Wild Cod mixed with heirloom yukon, roasted garlic, herbs and locatelli cheese fried perfectly crisp served with herbed coulis

Grilled Grass fed Churasco, sliced grilled skirt steak served with chimichurri sauce, roasted plantains and a roasted garlic sauce.

Grilled Venison Tenderloins , watercress, roasted garlic sweet potato.  Red Wine Reduction

Chicharonnes Dulce, pan seared pork belly, charred pineapple salsa 

Lamb Chops, New Zealand lamb chops marinated and seared with mint yukon mash, red wine reduction

Italian Braciole, marinated grass fed beef, pounded and stuffed with fresh locatelli parmesan, parsley, farm fresh egg and seasonings, rolled and grilled, sliced with fire roasted heirlooms, served with chefs choice pasta

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, Garnish of creme fraiche, truffle oil, bourbon barrell maple syrup and toasted almonds 

Filet Carpaccio , thinly sliced marbled filet with arugala salad, fresh aged parmesan, truffle oil drizzle 

Fried Fresh Ocean Smelts, served with a garlic lemon aioli

Cold Water Lobster Bisque with Truffle Oil

Wagyu Beef(8oz)  Foie Gras Burger(2 oz) with black truffle butter with fresh lemon arugala salad

Seared Foie Gras . Guava reisling reduction over a grilled peach with wilted scallion and pan fried wild mushroom ravioli

Seared Veal Sweetbreads with brown butter pears and heirloom potato,chefs seasonal wild mushrooms, dark cream stout reduction, truffled honey


Palate cleanser is an additional course to those below included in cost. 

$120 per person 3 courses

$140 per person 4 courses

$180 per person 5 courses 

$220 per person 6 courses 

$260 per person 7 course total 

Dessert Choices available upon request

Wine/Craft beer Pairings avail at an additional charge per person



CAVIAR PLATES $MP (Additional Cost Listed , must be ordered 2-4 weeks before event for precise delivery of freshness)

Each serving is .75 ounce per person All Grade 1 Caviar.

Fine Caviar complete with local chopped eggs, homemade A2 Creme Fraiche, toast points, red onion served with a mother of pearl spoon and glass of dry Champagne. 


**Service fee of 30% is added to total Bill to cover staff, shopping and travel. 50% is Due on Receipt to hold Event Date. After Booking Fee is Made, Ther are NO Refunds.


  • Ceviche


    Fresh Wild Cod, Shrimp or Lobster marinated in fresh lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and seasonings 18-24 hrs served with cilantro pesto, roasted pepper aioli and plantain chip
  • Seared Magret Duck

    Seared Magret Duck

    Seared Magret Duck with roasted garlic celery root puree, blackberry port reduction
  • Farm Raised Lamb Chop

    Farm Raised Lamb Chop

    Marinated and grilled with fresh rosemary, mint, garlic and other herbs and seasonings
  • Fresh Gnocci Italia

    Fresh Gnocci Italia

    Delicate Ricotta Gnocci , lighter than the potato gnocci, served with roasted red pepper and tomato sauce, ciabatta crouton, laced with fresh pesto
  • Ratatouille


    Chefs twist on a classic peasant dish
  • Seared Carpaccio

    Seared Carpaccio

    Seared marbled filet with caper, arugala salad and parsley pesto drizzled with truffle oil
  • Ensalada Frisse

    Ensalada Frisse

    Frisee salad with house cured bacon, poached asparagus and farm fresh poached egg with a lemon tarragon vinaigrette
  • Churasco with Chimichurri

    Churasco with Chimichurri

    Marinated skirt steak with charred lemon and chimichurri sauce
  • Pomodoro Purse

    Pomodoro Purse

    Pasta Pomodoro Purse..ricotta cream, asiago, parmesan and mozzarella, seasoned angus sirloin , pan fried, served with champagne deglazed fire roasted tomatoes
  • Classic Caesar

    Classic Caesar

    Classic Caesar, dressing made at time of service.
  • Roasted Squash Soup

    Roasted Squash Soup

    Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, garnish of creme fraiche, truffle oil, bourbon barrell maple syrup and toasted almonds

Lamb Ribs with Pomegranate Port Reduction

Lamb Ribs with Pomegranate Port Reduction

Tasting all the elements in this dish, one sip of the wine brings it all together

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche

The Chef will change the Amuse Bouche by season, pictured was the Garden of Eden ; differently cooked layers of farm fresh vegetables, grilled, sauted, raw, pureed topped with chevre cheese, basalmic caviar ( molecular gastronomy)

Seared Marbled Filet

Seared Marbled Filet

Paired with a Cabernet, this dish has complex flavor profiles that blend together as one.

Client Reviews

Client reviews from Tapas Events

  • Benjamin Clandesdyne, Clandesdyne Industries

    "Chef Lisa did an incredible job. We had a Halloween themed wedding and gave Lisa full creative control of the menu. The variety, quality, and presentation of the dishes was outstanding. Everyone was talking about how delicious it all was. We will definitely call on her culinary expertise again for our next event."
  • Rachel Fitcher, Out of State Client

    "I hired Lisa to cook a special birthday dinner for my mother and her husband and was very happy with the outcome. She was prompt and professional every step of the way. My mother loved her five-course tapas gourmet meal and said the service was amazing. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for beautiful, delicious food and professional service."
  • Ellen Forbus, VP/Client Advisor at First Merit Bank

    " Lisa has done two Wine /Tapas Pairing Dinners at my home and they were Fabulous! The food was Delicious and Lisa's dialogue with my guests was engaging. Highly recommend Lisa for your next Dinner or Event!"
  • Fran Griffith, Sterling Jewelers

    "Incredible food artistically presented. Our collaboration resulted in a cocktail party celebration that was exactly what I'd envisioned. My guests and I were wowed, yet every step had been so easy. I heartily recommend Chef Lisa Puccini Delgado."
  • Jeff Novak, Great Lakes Chevrolet

    "Lisa blends her extraordinary recipes with her dynamic personality. The result? Epicurean perfection enveloped in the warm aura that is Lisa Pucci Delgado."

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  • Michael Nessa

    "Lisa is amazing! I am so glad I found her. She has been my personal chef since July. Yup - I have a personal chef! Whoa! Lisa will work with you to accommodate any budget. Don't subscribe to the myth that you can't afford her. You will be pleasantly surprised (and kicking yourself for not contacting her sooner). She is a fantastic chef and her dishes are top notch. She is very flexible and is a really cool person to work with. Her upbeat personality is contagious! No complaints. I would recommend her to anyone."

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