Monthly Dinner Service


Reduce stress and restore precious time to your day with full balanced Farm to Table Organic Meals.


Gourmet-quality farm to table meal preparation services.  Meals are made to order per client with menu choices to guide you. Going Green this year! No more plastic Containers.  All meals are in  Glass containers for a one time low fee.  Fill out the Contact form for information on an extensive menu.

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This cost includes a customized menu created each week for you / family,  including  client assessment, groceries, shopping, cooking, premium containers and leaving reheating instructions when needed.  Weekly meals are always balanced entrées complete with protein and 2 side choices. Portions can be seen in pictures below. dinners are well portioned.


 Weekly Cost Breakdown

2x4 Meals  $160 (2 meal choices, 4 total servings)

2x8 Meals  $320 

2x10 Meals $400

3x12 Meals $480


Meal choices must at least be 2 servings each. ( example: 2x8 plan, 4 choices 2 servings each or 2 choices, 4 servings each)

 30% Service Fee is added for all services. Monthly Ongoing Meal Services must cancel 2 weeks in advance, for each client has specific dietary pantry needs or full month will be charged. Services are prepaid each month.


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